Saturday, December 8, 2007

Sorting it all out ...

Well time is bleeding away, and I must get a wriggle on. And so I have put my best scissors in for a sharpen. I have had these scissors for so long, my daughter says they were a part of her childhood! They are the best quality there is, so I guess they probably were.

I have finally found somewhere to set up my ironing board, so I will tear around like a headless chook tomorrow and get all my fabrics together. I will get them ironed and photograph them.

I will also photograph all my embroidery threads. I have a couple of hundred different colours all neatly wound onto cards and neatly stored into thread boxes. Have been for years, as I am a mad cross stitcher. I should also dig out my embroidery hoops, pins, needles and smaller scissors.

Then I only have to move things around to set up my dear sewing machine. But that might be a bit longer project, as I still have some Christmas cards to make.

But at least I feel like I am starting to get into the swing of it (the challenge) and next I have to get photos posted. I think I should probably trim them down and then try adding them.

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