Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Enter a dragon ...

I received some new stamps this week that I had ordered from the USA. The dragon was one and the Asian writing was another. They are unmounted. The writing was on a sheet with two other blocks of writing - one old English and the other handwriting. They are considered background stamps. I couldn't resist putting the Asian writing with the dragon and adhering it all to a background sheet downloaded from the Canon website. Four gold brads just seem to set it off. The dragon is stamped in Versamark onto red cardstock and then holographic gold embossing powder melted onto the versamark.

I have been wanting to make my father a nice card that was not the usual "Thinking of you" flowers or other usuals of these types of cards. I think this fulfills my desire perfectly. Here is the inside. If I wanted to, I could add a few pages as everyone wants to send a message to Granpa.

the card measures 14.5cm square.

I apologise for the quality of the photos. I took them on my phone camera. Usually it is a pretty reliable instrument but I think the lens must need a good cleaning.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Another day goes by ...

I am preparing another nice frame, but the old person is here. He needs attention and gets very "upset" when he doesn't get it. So rather than showing you what I am doing, I am here updating the blog and thinking about the frame rather than doing it ...

I received some wonderfuls stamps yesterday from the USA. I will be using some of them on the frame, but I will try to photograph them later and post them.

Click into my favourite places and be taken away to a crafter's fantasy ...

Monday, September 7, 2009

A padded picture ...

I am sharing these photos for my non-Facebook friends. Interesting concept and one I would like to expand on at a later date ...

This is the actual picture, stamped and inked. Then the designer paper padded frame is applied.

In this picture you can see the dimensional effect of the padded frame.

I stamped a dragonfly onto a small scrap of clear acrylic sheet and when dry I cut it out and glued it into the corner after folding the wings.

And then for the back I used a sheet of chipboard to give it stability. I then used some scraps of the chipboard and designer paper to make the stand.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Displaying Cross Stitch

I have been doing cross stitches like forever. I think I did my first one in my teens and have been stitching on and off ever since. As a result, I have a pile of Aida with neat little designs on each piece that just sits in my cross stitch box wait and hoping one day to be "used".

So having recently become enamoured of Paper arts I thought that I could combine the two and make a display for some of my pieces. This is the result for six of my pieces. I wll put photos up of close ups of each piece so you can see it in greater detail.

Each piece was mounted into or on top of a piece of card stock and some of the cardstock was stamped, some of it was glued and others had things glued to them. Then I put eyelets into each corner of the cardstock and tied it to a twig with beading leather.

I haven't decided if I should add dangling things to the tops of the twigs or not. But I do like the kind of book effect I get from this.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I have just networked this blog with Facebook, so I will keep it updated as much as possible. I will try to fix the cat photograph so that it is not so big! In the next few days I will post some pictures of my latest makings and go from there. Thanks for following me.

Friday, July 31, 2009


Wow, almost a year since I was here. Alot has happened since then, but the main news is that the studio will be opening in about two weeks. We have done so much to it to make it ready. There are still bits and pieces still to be done - it will probably be an ongoing project for quite a while.

I have been doing some art, but at the moment I have been dedicating much time to scanning and cataloguing some very old photographs from my family. Some of these are over 150 years old and there is even an old tin type print which is, to me, most valuable of all.

The garden has been neglected almost to the point of non existence, but that is being recified over the next few days. It should be quite pretty if you come to visit.

I have joined the ranks of Stampin'Up demonstrators, but mostly as a hobbyist as I like to use other stamps and inks in my work. However, should you find yourself needing any Stampin'Up products feel free to PM me through my e-mail in my profile. I will put up photos very soon and update this blog as frequently as I can. So hope to see you soon ...