Sunday, July 31, 2011


...I don't usually write about more personal stuff on this blog as it is for my main blog, however, since this one is linked to my SplitCoast Stampers' signature line, I am writing this here.

I was supposed to have the first part of my surgery last Friday. Two weeks ago, I had been to the pre Admission clinic and the anesthetists who examine your suitability for anesthesia both declared me high risk. Needless to say, that freaked me out. Mostly because it was only four weeks since I had quit smoking after 35+ years and I am seriously overweight. Of which, quitting smoking did not help me.

They ordered me to have a blood test at the pathology section of the hospital, which I did.

I was so upset by them saying I was high risk, I went to see a doctor on the Monday. My previous doctor had left at the end of March to take up lucrative lodgings on the North Shore as a private doctor. So I had to find a new doctor. Luckily for me I recalled that my medical office had sent me an SMS saying there was a new lady Doctor starting that very week.

Very nice, older lady. She listened to everything I had to say, because she realised I was very upset by then. She said that she would get some blood tests of her own done, that she knew of some medication I could take as a hunger suppressant and I could delay the surgery until I was less of a risk. Although the Specialist had informed me without the surgery I would die, this Doctor seemed very skeptical about that, which has cheered me up.

The following day the hospital rang, and said that the anesthetists wanted to see me again, in light of the blood tests I had had done. I asked the person who rang me if it was possible for them to postpone the surgery for three months, she said it was, so I am relieved about that.

When the Doctor got the blood tests back it showed that my blood sugar levels were very high. She immediately ordered a diabetic glucose test which I had the following Monday after a three day high carb diet over the weekend.

Well, it is not quite diabetes. But she prescribed the pills which are not on PBS and are extremely expensive. They are based on amphetymine (hence my daughter calling me a "crackhead" - in the blog title). I have been on them for three days now and waiting for my appetite to be suppressed.

Meanwhile, my daughter is again unemployed, thanks to her company closing its doors and she being only a casual employee. So I am making cards for swaps and will post photos of them quite soon.

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Marilyn said...

Karen... you are anything but a crackhead. Take care of yourself dear friend.