Monday, August 9, 2010

Mail ....

I got two nice pressies in the mail yesterday, well they were delivered by courier, but same difference. One was the punch I had ordered from Regal Craft and the other was the netbook computer. The netbook had been stood on by a nameless member of the family and the screen was wrecked. The daughter paid for it to be fixed, and there it was. Pretty good for the repairers concerned. And it works. I guess for how much they charged, it should, still you do want to know.

It is grandson2's during the after school times, but mine during school time. lol. It has a webcam. Mostly it moves around and is portable. We have a wireless network which we are still ironing the kinks out of, but it is getting there.

The punch is a 1 1/4" square, no dramas, but will help for my card making, scramping and other media arts. Which is why I posted this here, rather than my main blog, as I am blogging some politics there are the moment. This is my happy place. lol.

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