Saturday, September 5, 2009

Displaying Cross Stitch

I have been doing cross stitches like forever. I think I did my first one in my teens and have been stitching on and off ever since. As a result, I have a pile of Aida with neat little designs on each piece that just sits in my cross stitch box wait and hoping one day to be "used".

So having recently become enamoured of Paper arts I thought that I could combine the two and make a display for some of my pieces. This is the result for six of my pieces. I wll put photos up of close ups of each piece so you can see it in greater detail.

Each piece was mounted into or on top of a piece of card stock and some of the cardstock was stamped, some of it was glued and others had things glued to them. Then I put eyelets into each corner of the cardstock and tied it to a twig with beading leather.

I haven't decided if I should add dangling things to the tops of the twigs or not. But I do like the kind of book effect I get from this.

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