Sunday, January 6, 2008

Here we go ...

Well, I have a bit to get through in this blog.

First, for my challenge piece. Much of my time has been spent researching my subject. So it does not look like I have done much. Cut a piece of A4 (ish) card, covered it, stamped and embossed it. Downloaded a couple of pictures of my subject. But I am still considering, as I have to find some newscuttings and stamp words onto it. This woman, while extremely beautiful, was not a "flowery" person. So flowers and girly stuff are not going to be appropriate.

So to get on with it. Here is a photo of what I have achieved so far. As I said it doesn't appear much - yet.

I like the size. I can put much onto it to better convey the feel of the woman during her heyday. What you can't see here, is how beautiful this woman is. Later, when I have done the piece I will upload the top picture to give you a better idea.

I will also give you a link to my horse page so that if you want you can read the result of the research I have done.

My next photograph is the art piece I did for my sister's 50th Birthday.

I started these cross stitches originally to frame each individual piece and give them to her for Christmas a few years ago. I did one of them and started a second then lost interest in them.

When I realised her 50th was coming up, I thought I would finish them and do them as one picture. I looked around on the internet for a stamp to make background paper, but ended up doing a terracotta tile that is in the middle. The picture doesn't show the detail on the tile much, but it has some gold embossing and greyish paint to make it look old. It does work. When I put it together I wanted a sort of Museum Exhibition effect. The ankhs are made from dipping cut card into gold embossing powder with UTEE in the meltpot.

I still have it because I am going to get it framed. I hope that I can get it done soon and without too much expense, although I won't let that stop it from being done. Some detail of the cross stitching is below:

I love the stitching in the hair of the queen and the detail on Tutankhamen's beard. It took ages to do and was pulled out several times, but finally it was done. I also debated with myself whether or not to add beads to the queen, but in the end, I just left it.


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